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Dateiname Beschreibung Downloads
P1006CLP.dll TODO: 5001
P1006CLS.dll TODO: 4468
P17RunE.dll P17Run Endpoints Dynamic Link Library 2149
P2GRC.dll Power2Go resource file 1493
P2P.dll Peer-to-Peer Grouping 2510
P2PAPI.dll P2PAPI 2504
P2PBase.dll P2S???? 2530
p2pcollab.dll Peer-to-Peer Collaboration 2648
p2pgasvc.dll Peer-to-Peer Group Authentication Service 3740
p2pgraph.dll Peer-to-Peer Graphing 1068
p2pnetsh.dll Peer-to-Peer NetSh Helper 4539
P2PStatReport.dll P2PStatReport 2539
p2psvc.dll Peer-to-Peer Services 1068
p2sp_4th_lib.dll N/A 668
p3core.dll N/A 2287
p3shared.dll N/A 4152
p5dll.dll Interface to P5Device 2366
pacerprf.dll Microsoft® Windows(TM) PSched Performance Monitor 2005
packager.dll Object Packager2 1181
PackageStateRoaming.dll Package State Roaming 4664
PackDLL.dll N/A 3937
Packet.dll packet.dll (Vista) Dynamic Link Library 1098
padrs404.dll Microsoft IME 2012 1026
padrs411.dll Microsoft IME 2308
padrs412.dll Microsoft IME 2012 2584
padrs804.dll Microsoft IME 3351
panmap.dll PANOSE(tm) Font Mapper 2752
paqsp.dll PaqSP Module 3218
parseAuto.dll N/A 3395
parsedvd.dll N/A 2040
parsifal.dll N/A 4802
PatchExpLib.dll PatchExp Library 1425
PatchMatch.dll Adobe PatchMatch 523
patchw32.dll N/A 3140
paul.dll SecuROM PA Unlock DLL for Activate & Play 3123
pautoenr.dll Auto Enrollment DLL 1993
pbkmigr.dll Microsoft Connection Manager Migration Lib 1707
pbshr100.dll Sybase Inc. Product File 4951
pbvm100.dll Sybase Inc. Product File 1691
pbvm105.dll Sybase Inc. Product File 2565
pbvm115.dll Sybase Inc. Product File 677
PBVM125.DLL Sybase Inc. Product File 2960
pbvm60.dll Sybase Inc. Product File 3113
pcacli.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Client Module 1817
pcadm.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Diagnostic Module 1822
pcaevts.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Event Resources 1105
pcasvc.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Service 2901
pcaui.dll Program Compatibility Assistant User Interface Module 3963
pccompat.dll PC Game Compatibility Module 4190
PCL4RES.DLL Драйвер PCL4 4255
PCL5ERES.DLL Драйвер принтера PCL5e 4285
PCL5URES.DLL Драйвер принтера PCL5e 4526
PCLXL.DLL PCL-XL драйвер принтера 4674
PCPKsp.dll Microsoft Platform Key Storage Provider for Platform Crypto Provider 3560
PCPTpm12.dll Microsoft Platform Crypto Provider for Trusted Platform Module 1.2 1592
pcre.dll Pcre: Perl-compatible regular-expression library 4111
pcsvDevice.dll PCSV Proxy Provider for devices 3631
PCTREE32.DLL Creative Controls: Tree/List WIN32 Control 4357
pcwum.dll Performance Counters for Windows Native DLL 4052
pcwutl.dll Program Compatibility Troubleshooter Helper 5039
pdd.dll N/A 4336
pddidx8r.dll Pure3D Device Driver Interface (D3D - DX8) 4588
pdh.dll Windows Performance Data Helper DLL 1850
pdhui.dll PDH UI 1719
pdm.dll Process Debug Manager 3180
pdtunnel.dll PD-Proxy VPN Tunnel Engine 2096
peek.dll PEEK Driver API (ASCII and UNICODE) 1074
PeerDist.dll BranchCache Client Library 3573
PeerDistAD.dll BranchCache AD Interface 1096
PeerDistCacheProvider.dll BranchCache Export CacheMgr Provider 2541
PeerDistCleaner.dll BranchCache Cache Cleaner 2344
PeerDistHttpTrans.dll BranchCache HTTP Tansport 1195
PeerDistSh.dll BranchCache Netshell Helper 3207
PeerDistSvc.dll BranchCache Service 1558
PeerDistWSDDiscoProv.dll BranchCache WSD Discovery Provider 3574
pepflashplayer.dll N/A 4437
PerfCenterCPL.dll Performance Center 3785
perfctrs.dll Performance Counters 923
perfdisk.dll Windows Disk Performance Objects DLL 5056
perfnet.dll Windows Network Service Performance Objects DLL 3338
perfnw.dll Client Service for Netware Counters 563
perfos.dll Windows System Performance Objects DLL 2668
perfproc.dll Windows System Process Performance Objects DLL 4327
perftrack.dll Microsoft Performance PerfTrack 755
perfts.dll Windows Terminal Services Performance Objects 858
PFF.dll N/A 1944
pfpick.dll ICC Profile Picker 2447
PGL.dll N/A 4213
pgort100.dll Microsoft® Profile Guided Optimization Instrumentation Runtime 4915
pgsdk.dll PromulGate SDK 1547
Ph3xIB32MV.dll KS Proxy Plugin 838
Ph6xIB32MV.dll Macrovision Plugin 3875
phidget21.dll N/A 2128
phonon.dll N/A 3349
phonon3d.dll N/A 1533
phonon4.dll C++ application development framework. 602
PhotoMetadataHandler.dll Photo Metadata Handler 2263
PhotoViewer.dll Windows Photo Viewer 2224
photowiz.dll Photo Printing Wizard 3029
php_imagick.dll Imagick 3471
php_intl.dll Internationalization 3993
php_mbstring.dll Multibyte String Functions 4741
php_mssql.dll MS SQL 3192
php5ts.dll PHP Script Interpreter 3178
Physics.dll N/A 2148
PhysX3_x64.dll PhysX3 64bit Dynamic Link Library 4182
PhysX3_x86.dll PhysX3 32bit Dynamic Link Library 2599
PhysX3CharacterKinematic_x64.dll N/A 3924
PhysX3CharacterKinematic_x86.dll PhysX3CharacterKinematic 32bit Dynamic Link Library 1079
PhysX3Common_x64.dll PhysX3Common 64bit Dynamic Link Library 1551
PhysX3Common_x86.dll PhysX3Common 32bit Dynamic Link Library 4224
PhysX3Cooking_x64.dll PhysX3Cooking 64bit Dynamic Link Library 2149
PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll PhysX3Cooking 32bit Dynamic Link Library 590
physxcooking.dll PhysXCooking Dynamic Link Library 2560
physxcore.dll PhysXCore Dynamic Link Library 1291
physxcudart_20.dll N/A 599
PhysXDevice.dll NVIDIA PhysX Device Module 4465
PhysXExtensions.dll PhysXExtensions Dynamic Link Library (EG) 3196
PhysXExtensions64.dll PhysXExtensions Dynamic Link Library (EG) 4770
PhysXLoader.2.8.1.dll N/A 4753
PhysXLoader.dll PhysXLoader Dynamic Link Library 4255
PicConvert.dll N/A 781
PictureEdit.dll PictureEdit ????? 4142
pid.dll Microsoft PID 4044
pidgenx.dll Pid Generation 1500
pifmgr.dll Windows NT PIF Manager Icon Resources Library 2562
Pina3Core.dll N/A 2704
PINTLCSA.dll Microsoft Pinyin IME 2012 4963
PINTLMBX.DLL Microsoft Pinyin IME 2012 4783
PJLMON.DLL PJL Language monitor 1307
pku2u.dll Pku2u Security Package 4940
pla.dll Performance Logs & Alerts 1255
PlaMig.dll Performance Logs & Alerts Migration 1967
platform.dll COMODO Internet Security 4365
playlistfolder.dll Playlist Folder 1278
PlaySndSrv.dll PlaySound Service 4655
PlayToDevice.dll PLAYTODEVICE DLL 2428
PlayToManager.dll Microsoft Windows PlayTo Manager 3371
PlayToStatusProvider.dll PlayTo Status Provider Dll 2864
plc4.dll PLC Library 1670
plds4.dll PLDS Library 1890
ploptin.dll Prelaunch OptIn 1942
plugin.dll Photoshop Plugin Utilities 2863
PluginKernel.dll Plugin Kernel Library 4575
PlugPlug.dll PlugPlug Standard Dll (32 bit) 1033
plustab.dll Effects Control Panel extension 3822
pmcsnap.dll pmcsnap dll 611
PMIGRATE.dll Microsoft Pinyin IME Migration DLL 2100
pmspl.dll N/A 4275
Pncrt.dll N/A 2590
Pndx5016.dll N/A 4645
Pndx5032.dll 32 bit DirectX helper DLL 4913
pnen3230.dll Core Support Library for RealAudio® 3022
pngfilt.dll IE PNG plugin image decoder 732
PngModule.dll N/A 3629
pngu3263.dll GUI Library 2829
pngu3266.dll GUI Library 522
pnidui.dll Network System Icon 1706
pnpclean.dll Plug and Play Maintenance Task Library 3503
pnpibs.dll PnP IBS module 3106
pnppolicy.dll pnppolicy Task 1739
pnpsetup.dll Pnp installer for CMI 1370
pnpts.dll PlugPlay Troubleshooter 783
pnpui.dll Plug and Play User Interface DLL 866
PNPXAssoc.dll PNPX Association Dll 609
PNPXAssocPrx.dll PNPX Association Dll 2371
pnrpauto.dll PNRP Auto Service Dll 928
Pnrphc.dll PNRP Helper Class 2679
pnrpnsp.dll PNRP Name Space Provider 3907
pnrpperf.dll PNRP Performance Counter Provider 1772
pnrpsvc.dll PNRP Service Dll 1388
PolicMan.dll N/A 834
polstore.dll Policy Storage dll 1579
PortableDeviceApi.dll Windows Portable Device API Components 1723
PortableDeviceClassExtension.dll Windows Portable Device Class Extension Component 3869
PortableDeviceConnectApi.dll Portable Device Connection API Components 4465
PortableDeviceStatus.dll Microsoft Windows Portable Device Status Provider 1372
PortableDeviceSyncProvider.dll Microsoft Windows Portable Device Provider. 787
PortableDeviceTypes.dll Windows Portable Device (Parameter) Types Component 1519
PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll PortableDevice WIA Compatibility Driver 920
PortableDeviceWMDRM.dll Windows Portable Device WMDRM Component 2849
portaudio_x86.dll N/A 3117
PortIO.dll N/A 2301
pots.dll Power Troubleshooter 4033
powercpl.dll Power Options Control Panel 2882
PowerMigPlugin.dll Power Migration Plugin 1892
powershell_ise.resources.dll N/A 699
PowerWmiProvider.dll Power WMI providers 4390
powrprof.dll Power Profile Helper DLL 777
ppcsnap.dll ppcsnap DLL 4671
Pperr.dll PaperPort Utilities Library 2726
pr3240.dll N/A 2772
PresentationCFFRasterizerNative_v0300.dll WinFX OpenType/CFF Rasterizer 3682
PresentationHostProxy.dll Windows Presentation Foundation Host Proxy 4972
PresentationNative_v0300.dll PresentationNative_v0300.dll 3144
prflbmsg.dll Perflib Event Messages 4030
primosdk.DLL Primo Software Development Kit 4478
PrintBrmPs.dll Print Backup Recovery Migration Proxy 1485
printcom.dll Print System COM component host 2790
PrintConfig.dll Пользовательский интерфейс PrintConfig 2375
PrintDialogs.dll N/A 1425
printfilterpipelineprxy.dll Print Filter Pipeline Proxy 3090
PrintIsolationProxy.dll Print Sandbox COM Proxy Stub 4052
PrintManagementProvider.dll Print WMI Provider 1986
printui.dll Print UI DLL 2462
prm0001.dll Microsoft Arabic Natural Language Data and Code 1098
prm0005.dll Microsoft Czech Natural Language Data and Code 2012
prm0006.dll Microsoft Danish Natural Language Data and Code 729
prm0007.dll Microsoft German Natural Language Data and Code 1881
prm0008.dll Microsoft Greek Natural Language Data and Code 2328
prm0009.dll Microsoft English Natural Language Data and Code 1772
prm000b.dll Microsoft Finnish Natural Language Data and Code 4503
prm000e.dll Microsoft Hungarian Natural Language Data and Code 1431
prm0013.dll Microsoft Dutch Natural Language Data and Code 3060
prm0015.dll Microsoft Polish Natural Language Data and Code 2232
prm0019.dll Microsoft Russian Natural Language Data and Code 4134
prm001f.dll Microsoft Turkish Natural Language Data and Code 598
prncache.dll Print UI Cache 4008
prnfldr.dll prnfldr dll 4355
prnntfy.dll prnntfy DLL 1047
prntvpt.dll Print Ticket Services Module 2475
procinst.dll Processor Class Installer 728
ProductHelper.dll Product Helper 4720
ProductStatistics.dll N/A 4505
profapi.dll User Profile Basic API 2758
profext.dll profext 3071
profmap.dll Userenv 2117
profprov.dll User Profile WMI Provider 1374
profsvc.dll ProfSvc 3774
profsvcext.dll ProfSvcExt 4226
propdefs.dll propdefs.dll 4205
propsys.dll Microsoft Property System 3485
protect.dll Host Library 1725
ProtocolFilters.dll Adguard network driver api 1169
prototype2engine.dll N/A 2511
prototypeenginef.dll Prototype Dynamic Link Library 2569
provcore.dll Microsoft Wireless Provisioning Core 2163
provsvc.dll Windows HomeGroup 942
provthrd.dll WMI Provider Thread & Log Library 4076
ProximityCommon.dll Proximity Common Implementation 3260
ProximityCommonPal.dll Proximity Common PAL 2295
ProximityRtapiPal.dll Proximity WinRT API PAL 3566
ProximityService.dll Proximity Service Implementation 2830
ProximityServicePal.dll Proximity Service PAL 3466
prvdmofcomp.dll WMI 2468
PrxerDrv.dll Proxifier Winsock Layered Service Provider 582
PS5UI.DLL Пользовательский интерфейс драйвера PostScript 3726
psapi.dll Process Status Helper 2776
psbase.dll Protected Storage default provider 2878
pschdprf.dll Microsoft® Windows(TM) PSched Performance Monitor 3209
PsClikS.dll N/A 1341
pscript5.dll Драйвер принтера PostScript 3365
PSDSCFileDownloadManagerEvents.dll DSC 1074
PSEvents.dll Microsoft PowerShell Crimson log Message Dll 3089
PSHED.DLL Platform Specific Hardware Error Driver 2895
psicon.dll Icons for Adobe Photoshop 1190
PSIM.dll PSIM DLL 3437
psisdecd.dll Microsoft SI/PSI parser for MPEG2 based networks. 1362
PSModuleDiscoveryProvider.dll WMI 2029
psmsrv.dll Process State Manager (PSM) Service 2410
psnppagn.dll DCOM Proxy for NPPAgent Object 3766
pspluginwkr-v3.dll pspluginwkr-v3.dll 1357
pspluginwkr.dll pspluginwkr.dll 4583
pstask.dll pstask Task 4815
pstilldll64.dll pstilldll 4164
pstorec.dll Deprecated Protected Storage COM interfaces 1241
pstorsvc.dll Protected storage server 3727
PSTPRX32.DLL Proxy Store Provider 2434
pthread.dll POSIX Threads for Windows32 Library 2781
pthreadGC2.dll N/A 942
pthreadVC2.dll POSIX Threads for Windows32 Library 1003
pthreadVCE2.dll MS C++ x86 4880
PTNEdit32.dll phamthuynhan Formated Editor Library 4026
PTNGDI32.dll phamthuynhan GDI System 2499
PTP.dll N/A 1563
ptpusb.dll WIA PTP proxy 3297
ptpusd.dll ISO15740 WIA mini driver 1310
PubLog.dll N/A 2674
Pubole9.dll OLE 2.0 Support DLL 1605
puiapi.dll puiapi DLL 900
puiobj.dll PrintUI Objects DLL 4370
PurchaseWindowsLicense.dll Purchase Windows License 1303
PuruPuru_Win32.dll N/A 2081
pwlauncher.dll Windows To Go Launcher 619
pwrshmsg.dll Microsoft PowerShell EventLog Message Dll 2148
pwrshplugin.dll pwrshplugin.dll 1243
pwrshsip.dll Crypto SIP provider for signing and verifying PowerShell script files (.ps1/.ps1xml) 4552
pwsso.dll Windows To Go Shell Service Object 2638
px.dll Px 956
pxcview.dll Viewer Simple SDK Libary 1241
PxSFS.DLL PxSfs 1003
pxwma.dll PxWMA.dll 4528
python.dll N/A 994
PYTHON22.DLL Python Core 3578
python23.dll Python Core 1106
python24.dll N/A 540
python25.dll Python Core 2397
python26.dll Python Core 1227
python27.dll Python Core 4831
python33.dll Python Core 1307
python34.dll Python Core 4673
python35.dll Python Core 2431
python36.dll Python Core 2903
pywintypes24.dll N/A 888